Kiosk Banking SBI

The SBI Kiosk Banking facility is an initiative by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) which has revolutionised the banking system in India. Aimed at ensuring greater financial inclusion and wider outreach of the banking sector, the facility gives people in remote locations access to basic banking services and undertaking different banking transactions without the need to visit a bank branch. Offered by various banks, the facility is made available with the help of intermediaries, also known as Business Correspondents (BCs) through kiosk SBI csp registration apply online or small booths serving as the customer service point (CSP registration).

Free csp registration company in the Indian e-governance sector, Bank Mitra CSP BC Limited efficiently delivers mainstream financial services to people, especially those in villages and rural areas who do not have access to essential banking services. The company has partnered with leading public sector banks namely State Bank of India (SBI) Kiosk and Bank account & identity card of Baroda to provide services using remote-biometric enabled secure technology through(Company List Bihar & U.P) the various SBI Kiosk Banking & outlets spanning across cities. By approaching the Free CSP Registration, customers can open all bank bc csp provider accounts and perform all kinds of bank csp registration apply related transactions with ease and convenience. Besides online account opening, these internet-enabled kiosks make online banking activities possible including cash withdrawal, cash deposit and money transfer while ensuring safety and confidentiality of customers’ information. The outlets are bio-metrically secured and provide printed acknowledgement for every transaction to customers.